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Thread: Wowza stream input format

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    Default Wowza stream input format


    Please help me a little

    The stream from a webcam to wowza, what format does it go to wowza in? Mpeg stream?


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    Hi Vladimir,

    The answer will depend on the output capabilities of the camera. Wowza accepts the following incoming encoded-stream protocols: RTMP, RTSP/RTP, MPEG2-TS, and ICY. Please see the Compatible Live Encoding section on for more details, and let us know what follow-up questions you have.


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    Hello Chris

    Thanks a lot for answer.

    What type of stream does it send wowza?


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    You can use a live encoder like Wirecast to publish RTMP stream to Wowza. It should contain h.264 video and AAC (preferable) or MP3 audio to playback across client types.


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    I believe this camera uses Motion JPEG (MJPEG). The computer that the camera is connected to then needs to be running an encoding application (such as Wirecast or FFMPEG - elsewhere in these forums you will find posts about using these with Wowza) to convert the MJPEG to H.264.


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