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Thread: Choosing a Capture card

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    Default Choosing a Capture card

    Hi! I have a newbie question please (just starting out)

    I have a HDMI signal coming from a Datavideo HDR-50 and I would like to ask for guidance choosing and setting up a Windows PC Capture Card.

    Would this Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro be a good choice?

    Would i have to run the BlackMagic software (called MediaExpress or DesktopVideo) and Telestream Wirecast, or can it be broadcast just using Wirecast?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    We don't recommend specific cards. Other Wowza users have used Blackmagic cards successfully. I have not used the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card myself, but I have heard of users using this card, Wirecast and Wowza Server in their workflow.


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    I have recently discovered the Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder which has a HDMI input. But does anyone have any experience with feeding this device to Wowza?

    Or can anyone tell me about the Hauppauge Colossus capture card, which has HDMI input and built-in H264 encoder. What other devices in the workflow is needed to supply Wowza?

    Would Wowza automatically detect these feeds?
    Any help would be appreciated please!
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    This is a similar device:


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    We use Blackmagic Intensity Pro (BMIP) cards, PCI Express model. We stream at 1080i 29,97fps over Component, and everyone loves the quality.

    I would avoid the new USB 3 model, unless you for sure have a new system w/ USB 3.

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