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Thread: Live Streaming Wowza n00b!

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    Default Live Streaming Wowza n00b!

    We are sending a directed unicast MPEG-2 stream at our wowza server that can be viewed on the server with VLC. It is inbound to the server at udp://@:10000. This is how VLC reads it. When I follow the steps in the guide to publish it I can not view it any of the example players. Being that I am new to Wowza, I am trying to figure out how to get this accomplished. We have frshly installed the the server and this is the only thing it is doing. We are setup exactly as the user guide suggests. We have not moved outside of the server to view just with the players on the server.

    Thanks slrico

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    Hi slrico,

    You'll need to use the Wowza Transcoder Addon to transcode the MPEG-2 stream into a MPEG-4 (part 10) stream that is supported by flash. Here's a link to the Transcoder tutorial:

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