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    I have a simple installation where I am using shared objects. My application runs fine on the latest 2.x version, but when I run 3.0.2, I cannot connect to server. I have replaced the vhost file and others as expected. What changes must I make to my configuration to make it compatible with 3.0? My latest pre 3 was 2.2.4.

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    Hi dougwolf,

    Do you mean that you copied your VHost.xml file from your 2.x to your 3.x installation? That's probably the problem. You can't copy any conf files over from 2.x to 3.x. You should install a fresh copy of Wowza 3, then make any changes to the conf files you need manually.

    You might as well get the latest version of Wowza as well. (3.0.3 at the time of this writing)

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    No, I made changes to the new one... I'll double check them. But there is nothing else different? (I have no server-side code)

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    try downloading a new VHost.xml and a new Application.xml and start again from the beginning its probably quicker than trying to find the problem as it could just be a typing mistake or a lower case where an upper case should be etc..

    You could post your access log before getting the xml files this might give a vital clue that will narrow it down.


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