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Thread: Inject a "tag" in wowza stream

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    Default Inject a "tag" in wowza stream

    Hi all,

    We use wowza to re-stream video our cameras. and we want to inject a "tag" to video stream when Motion detection event occurred. So when reviewing recorded video, we can easily review these events by just clicking on these "tags".

    Does new Wowza version support this feature ?
    Thank you

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    Wowza supports cuepoints, and you can do cuepoint injection server-side like this:

    I am not sure how you would integrate with motion detection feature of your camera, but if it has an API (I know Axis cams do), you could call a Wowza HTTPProvider to run code like above example, but in HTTPProvider:


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    We are looking to provide an example for this scenario shortly however it is not yet available. In order to do this you will need to transcode the video, so there would be license cost involved for all inbound streams.

    I will look at adding a meta data injection mechanism but this may be something you will need to add yourself to the example we provide.

    At present I can not give you a timescale for its availability.


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