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Thread: Trouble authenticating with client side NetConnection

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    Default Trouble authenticating with client side NetConnection

    I'm trying to publish a live stream, but keep getting NetStream.Publish.Failed.

    I'm able to properly connect, but the publish fails due to the required authentication.

    This works fine in adobe live media encoder, but that doesn't help since I want to broadcast from the flash player.

    How do I pass the username and password to wowsa using the NetConnection object?

    I tried nc.connect(serverUrl, username, password); but it doesn't seem to work.

    I've also tried removing the 2nd and 3rd param and adding them onto the serverUrl as params like some CDNs allow.... no luck.

    Maybe I need to use headers?

    Any ideas?


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    Take a look at this method instead:


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    I'm using NetDNA cdn. They confirmed they are using ModuleRTMPAuthenticate and are unable to change it.

    Can you provide any direction on how to pass the user/pass through the NetConnection object?

    There must be some example source somewhere.


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    We do not have instructions for how to authentication client side against the adobe method of authentication. It is not as simple as sending teh username/password in a header. It uses a challenge/response authentication method that we do not provide documentation for.


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