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Thread: JSON data to SMIL schedule with wowza on ec2

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    Question JSON data to SMIL schedule with wowza on ec2


    we are currently setting up our streaming project (24/7 web tv with dj live shows) with wowza on ec2.
    now we need a little help when it comes to generating the playlists.

    we have the followoing scenario:
    * our client will build up playlists in a custom application (wordpress extension)
    * the playlist contains vod files and live streams and the typical meta data (title, start time, length etc.)
    * a periodic cron job will request the playlist from the wp application and gets the playlist for the current day as JSON data
    * now, we want to write a wowza plugin that merges the playlist data in our SMIL schedule on wowza.

    the question: is it possible to integrate the JSON data in the active SMIL playlist without disconnecting the stream that plays the playlist?
    we want our users to watch the 24/7 stream without having to reload or reconnect after we updated the playlist.

    thanks in advance for your help!

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