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Thread: Subscription to ProductCode 8ED157F9 required.

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    Question Subscription to ProductCode 8ED157F9 required.


    I just signed up for the devpay subscription for wowza 3 on amazon ec2. I paid what looks to be a pro-rated amount for the $5/month subscription fee that you charged. Received confirmation email that I was susbscribed to this service, etc.

    But upon trying to launch an instance, I receive the following error: Subscription to ProductCode 8ED157F9 required.

    I am following your WowzaMediaServerForEC2_UsersGuide.pdf step by step.

    Here are the relevant details I can think of:

    - All ports open as per step 3 of "Starting an instance" of the above guide.
    - Key pairs generated as per the guide
    - Launch Instance
    --- Community AMIs
    ------ Selected AMI from your list: ami-95824afc
    ------ Instance type: m1.large
    ------ Instance Location: US East (Virginia)
    ------ Kernel ID: default
    ------ RAM Disk ID: default
    ------ User Data: None. Not sure what this is for.
    ------ Tags: None. Not sure what this is for.
    ------ Proper key pair selected
    ------ Default Security group selected

    upon clicking launch, I receive the error above: Subscription to ProductCode 8ED157F9 required.

    Also, it is unclear where I am supposed to enter the license key I generated after I signed up for the subscription. I'm assuming this isn't necessary until after the instance has launched.

    I also tried the above on a US West (Cali) region instance, same error.

    Please advise.

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    This might mean the account is so new it hasn't propagated through the AWS system, or there is some problem with the AWS account, which only they have any insight into. If it doesn't become available soon, contact AWS.


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    Issue resolved.. was a billing problem.. entered 2 digits from my cc backwards a good 30 times. So much for overcoming dyslexia heh.

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