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Thread: Amazon Ec2 not record video

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    Default Amazon Ec2 not record video


    We have the video recorder in our web pages, if anyone record and save video the recorded video will be uploaded to amazon buckets.

    We are using the Wowza with amzon ec2, then we are using flow player and rtmp streaming to show the recorded video.

    It's working fine previously, suddenly it was not working we are unable to store video in amazon and unable to stream .

    We have logged into our account in amazon , the instance is running there.

    We are unable to find what was the problem is this. We have to find why the videos are not storing in amzon and unable to retrieve this. please see this
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    for us there was a scheduled EC2 maintenance reboot on Friday. We had to remount s3fs after that.
    We use Wowza 3 (EC2 AMI: ami-5d77be34) to record video files to S3 and then use CloudFront to stream out those videos.

    This is how I did it:
    1) Rename S3 share folder:
    $ mv /mnt/s3 /mnt/s3-old

    2) Create a new empty folder for S3
    $ mkdir /mnt/s3

    3) Mount s3fs and wait for the files to be in sync
    $ /usr/local/bin/s3fs BUCKET-NAME -o default_acl=public-read /mnt/s3

    4) Copy or move unsynchronized files back to /mnt/s3
    $ cd /mnt/s3-old
    $ cp *.flv ../s3/

    I also fixed the missing jar file problem as mentioned at the end of this page:

    Does anyone have any good ideas how to create automated script for reboot?

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