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Thread: need some advice for big storage requirement

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    Default need some advice for big storage requirement

    hello all,

    this is my first time looking into EC2. so bear with me.

    basically, i like the idea of EC2 + wowza but i cannot seem to find much information on hard drive space. so, basically what i need is several TB's of storage (maybe 5-10TB) for archived video files in conjunction with EC2 + wowza. any suggestions? please keep it simple-to-understand. this whole amazon world is new to me.

    i currently have my own windows server where i host all of the video files and i have wowza 3 running on there. but it's a single server and i'd like to have multiple servers to help with the load/bandwidth. ideally, i'd like to keep all the files on my own server and just use the EC2 servers as some sort of a cache of sorts.


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    Use EBS volumes or S3 for storage. Use EBS volumes when you need content to be local. Use S3 when you have multiple vod servers and you don't want to replicate content.

    Don't use the instance's local "ephemeral" storage in any case. The small instance is only 10gb, but even if there was adequate room it is not a good idea. The EBS volumes are as fast (they say faster) as local but exist separately from the instance, are not considered ephemeral, and have other advantages.

    Use the S3 by using the vods3 application included in Wowza EC2 instance, more info in the EC2 guide.


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    From what I can tell, using S3 or EBS is cost-prohibitive for the kind of size I need (5TB up to 10TB). Is there a solution that I can explore where I have the actual files hosted on my own server and use EC2 for the Wowza-streaming portion somehow?


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    Use the standard MediaCache package, instead of vods3:

    Then you can store content on your web server. There are no authentication feature, the files need to be public


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