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Thread: FLV: Metadata appears to be bad

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    Exclamation FLV: Metadata appears to be bad

    Hi, we are evaluating wowza to switch from red5 (too many bugs on that ...)

    but we have a problem

    red5, when via jwplayer a flv stream was viewed for the 1st time, is able to generate a .meta.flv file, while seems that wowza does not.

    If i try to stream with wowza an old file (i already have a .meta file generated by red5) it works, but if i try with a file new (i don't have the .meta) it does not work and in log i have: Metadata appears to be bad

    now, something strange: i have an old file of 64 MB that has the .meta
    I copy this flv file renaming it, and i don't do the same for .meta file
    it works
    but if i try with this 1.5 GB file, it does not

    what to do?

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    See if it is really an mp4 file by playing it with mp4: prefix

    Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/vod
    Stream: mp4:yourVideo.flv

    I'm not familiar with red5 or .meta.flv files, which are not involved with Wowza.


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