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Thread: restrict streaming based on ip

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    Default restrict streaming based on ip

    how can i only play a live stream from 1 ip address
    like each live stream will have a ip address and and that live stream will only play if it is requested from that ip

    or if i can restrict the application to specific ip address and all streams under that will follow the restrictions
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    You can use a Hotlink denial module

    Hotlink is found here,

    IP override here,

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    i want to stream live content to only allowed users

    the live stream is in RTMP , HTTP and RTSP

    how can i configure to protect these streams with username and password

    like in .net i can send username password when i receive a valid response from wowza then i redirect the users to these streams

    how can i do that ?

    i read this [ ] for http but is there any way i can it for all the streams ?

    i will not use any flash player just redirect the devices to the stream URL and the devices will play it natively
    but before i do that i want to show control who can see the stream and who can't and also if some one just copies the stream they will not be able to play it
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    This might be what you are looking for:


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    all these examples require that i have the wowza on the same server

    is there any way i can connect from an external server and send a username ,password or secure token and get back a response from wowza like a session id and then redirect the user to stream url with sessionid to play the stream on their device natively please note i will not be using any flash player


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    i think i found what i was looking for

    is there any more info on this ? like per-built web services that can be consumed via .net

    what i have described above can be achieved by interfacing ?

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