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Thread: disconnection problems from recent Microsoft Security Update

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    Exclamation disconnection problems from recent Microsoft Security Update

    Running Wowza 3.0.3 on Windows 7 (64 bit), has anybody suffered from disconnection problems since this weeks Microsoft Security updates? I seem to be suffering from disconnections a few seconds after connecting to a stream (RTSP) if I connect from a Windows XP computer, but not if I connect from a Window7 computer (tried from a few computers).

    Is this by anybody else or just me?


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    I suppose it is possible that an security update closed ports you had opened. Of course Windows 7 security defaults are much stricter, check your incoming and outgoing rules. Make sure UDP 0-65535 is open for both.


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    Seems That this has to do with Microsoft ClickOnce Security. Because I am not using this in my player code, Win7 cuts me off, but WinXP doesn't.

    Anybody here had such an experience?

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