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Thread: loadbalancing cluster- stream lags/disconnects when 800-900 connection per server.

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    Default loadbalancing cluster- stream lags/disconnects when 800-900 connection per server.


    I am using a loadbalancing cluster with one origin and 10 edge servers. All servers have 8 core Intel Xeon processors and 8 GB RAM(only one edge server with 4 cores). The servers are configured with Java virtual memory size of 5 GB or 3GB. Each server has a 1 Gbps internet connection and the streams are 350 Kbps. So I think each server can handle atleast 2000 live streams. So the entire cluster is supposed to handle 20K connections(the loadbalancer server is the liverepeater-origin server and not participating in client connections).

    Now my problem is, when the no of connections reaches 800-900 per server, (that is totally 8000-9000), the streams become lagging and losts the smooth playback capability. And sometimes the entire connections are disconnected and reaches 2-3 connetions per server. Does anybody have any idea what is causing this problem ?

    PS: I have hotlink protection enabled on the edge servers. and the origin server is restricted to only the edge servers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check if your servers don't be Capping... is very common... you can use some network tool like iftop or iptraf to see if your servers really can handle 1gbps

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    We had the exact same problem, we just disabled all GC and seem to fixed the problem.

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