I have a complex set-up and need the metadata to be correctly sent out. I presume my flash applications usually just fill in the blanks, but my transcoder needs the container information. It seems that the height and width data are being lost. When my publishing stream connects to Wowza the following metadata is received:

onMetaData[liveTest/_definst_/testStream]: {AMFPacket: size: 155,  type: 18,  src: 0,  seq: 0,  absTimecode: 0,  timecode: 0}
onMetaData[liveTest/_definst_/testStream]: AMFDataList:
[0] onMetaData
[1] object
{Obj[]: duration: 0.0, width: 640.0, height: 480.0, videodatarate: 195.3125, framerate: 1000.0, videocodecid: 2.0, filesize: 0.0}
However when a client connects, the metadata looks like this:

type=CODEC_TYPE_VIDEO;id=CODEC_ID_FLV1;name=flv;];time base=1/1000;frame rate=0/0;pixel type=YUV420P;width=0;height=0;
I noticed that when I implement the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 and onCodecInfoVideo is called this is returned:

onCodecInfoVideo[liveTest/_definst_/testStream Video Codecspark]:
Info: {MediaCodecInfoVideo: codec:SPARK, profile:0, level:0, frameSize:0x0, displaySize:0x0, frameRate:0.000000}
How can I get the metadata sent to my clients and transcoder to look like the metadata sent to wowza? Is there a way for me to set it for the stream? Are there properties in the AMFDataList that don't match up that I can correct? Any help would be appreciated!