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Thread: RTSP streaming starts just after SETUP

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    Question RTSP streaming starts just after SETUP

    Hi all,

    I use Wowza 3.0(trial version) as a RTSP server.

    I have remarked that Wowza server starts transmitting data after receiving SETUP request and before
    receiving PLAY request. I have used telnet commands and wireshark capture to improve this remark.

    I think that this behavior isn't conform to rfc2326("10.5 PLAY :The PLAY method tells the server to start sending").

    Please, has any one known an explication of this behavior ? is it a bug ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Wowza support team
    Any reply please?

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    This is a duplicate post, please refer back to:

    Try to keep the same issue in the same thread. Duplicate posts will only increase support response time, since there is more to read.
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    Thank you for advice.

    At thread creation, i had two threads describe two different behaviors. Then, i have found that they are correlated.

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