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Thread: RTMP encoder authentication

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    Default RTMP encoder authentication

    I am trying to implement rtmp encoder authentication by pack on Wowza 3.03

    Encoder when try to connect ask for username and password and then connect to server on providing of credentials.

    I want to give username and password in RTMP single line address instead of popup of user/password menu like do:

    The implemented username and password in a single line address in is:

    Tell me how can i implement it. I used similarly like this but its not working.


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    I'm not sure that is possible with FMLE. If Basic authentication was possible you could put username and password in from of the domain, but I don't see that option in FMLE.

    You could use this method instead:


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    Yes i am using this module but the problem is that this authentication is working on both encoder and player side.

    I need authentication on encoder side only.

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