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Thread: Delay in text stream.

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    Question Delay in text stream.


    I am trying to publish text data from a local machine to a media server and other machines are subscribing to the stream using netstream. Text data is sent as soon as generated.
    RTMP messages containing text are transferred with at least delay of on average 500 ms which rises up to 1000 ms in cases. This delay is with respect to the fastest message received through RTMP.
    Also I tried a trial program though which I sent and received plain text messages using RTMP on same computer and they had a round trip time of nearly (less than) 300ms. But when I attached camera as a video source and sent the messages along with it , round trip time of messages along with video was with nearly 100ms.
    So can anybody help me understanding why is messages reaching slower when it is without video. Is it some protocol that streams video faster or I might be missing something . Again if the round trip time is 300 ms then I should be able to send message in that time but I am getting additional delay of 500ms. Could you please suggest what may be possible reasons for that and help me out. I want to receive messages in 100 ms time without sending any extra video along with text. Any other suitable suggestions for streaming data or text messages are also invited.

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    What stream type do you have configured in your Application.xml?

    From the quickstart:

    "live-lowlatency: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-one or one-to-few video/audio chat applications)"

    You will also want to configure a Vhost and change the send and receive buffer sizes
    <!-- suggested settings for video on demand applications
    <!-- suggest settings for low latency chat and video recording applications-->

    <!-- <TrafficClass>0</TrafficClass> -->
    <!-- <OobInline>false</OobInline> -->
    <!-- <SoLingerTime>-1</SoLingerTime> -->
    <!-- <TcpNoDelay>false</TcpNoDelay> -->
    Edit - not sure about the differing latency issues you describe, but that should help you achieve a lower latency.
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