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Thread: my live stream video didn't display

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    Default my live stream video didn't display


    Can anyone give me a right and step by step setup for live stream my camera with Wowza.

    I have the following setup

    1. I use VLC to capture my camera and publish via RTSP port 5544
    2. I have wowza server follow exactly on the tutorial ""
    3. I use the stream manager Application: live/test, Media Cast type: rtp, stream name:
    4. In my i have the content of "rtsp://localhost:5544/lwc"
    5. I use examples/LiveVideoStreaming/client/live.html to play with following field:

    Then I got no error at all but my video is not showing out at all.

    p/s: I did it right once before, but after several hour later, it seem everything not running, can anyone tell me how to debug my setting


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    I think the problem might have something to do with "test".

    Try putting the .stream file in your content directory.
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