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    Using the WMS transcoder add-on, i want to set up an encode to 'stream out' an audio-only stream. What i did in my trancoding template was the following:
    • Set the <StreamName> tag with the value 'aac:audio'
    • Within the <Video> tag, i changed the <Codec> value to 'Disable'
    • Setted up audio <Codec> tag to AAC and <Bitrate> tag to 64000

    I'm using an edge/origin configuration, where the origin WMS is used as the transcoder. I created a text file (in the edge server) with the '.stream' extension, pointing to the audio-only transcoded stream. It works.

    I have a couple of questions regarding to this scenario:
    • I'm getting A LOT of logs like this one ->[videoEncoderAddFrame][audio]: 4294967295
    • I added the audio-only stream to a smil file this way -> <audio src="" system-bitrate="64000"/>. However, this stream does not appear nor in the manifest nor in the playlist.m3u8


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    Hello Germán,
    I have sent you a patch for this issue via email.


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    Thanks for the quick reply. I've not received the patch, could you check if your email was rejected?


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    Sorry about that - our system says it was sent. Here is the patch.


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