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Thread: Wowza not breaking connection with Push Publish & Transcoder Modules

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    Default Wowza not breaking connection with Push Publish & Transcoder Modules


    I have installed the Push publish module and the transcoder modules and have to separate issues.

    #1) When I installed Push Publish Module, the Wowza server pushed to Edgecast just fine. However, when I disconnect, it doesn't do a clean disconnect and it chokes my account on the Flash servers. I either have to wait for them to reset themselves or I have to call and reset. Do you know what causes this?

    #2) When I installed the transcoder module, Wowza transcodes just fine. However, when I terminate the stream, it keeps the stream open and doesn't break. Once I disconnect, I can't reconnect unless I restart the Wowza server.

    I am using Telestream Wirecast for my publishing.



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    1. Try calling:


    2. Install latest patch:


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