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    I was wondering what is necessary to record a live stream which will also take advantage of the vods3 module logic?

    The vods3 recording and playback works a charm out the box. However, if the same setup ( is added to the livestreamrecording module, streams get saved to the S3 bucket but not played back (StreamNotFound). I presume there also needs to be further configuration to the livestreamrecording for playback?

    The goal is to to broadcast a live stream, record it, playback live and on record complete playback from the S3 bucket. I am aware I could use the livestreamrecording for live stream, record and push to S3 and the vods3 module for playback, this query is raised due to me trying to see if I can achieve all of this from one module only?


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    Hi Richard,

    Wow so quick in response thanks.

    Ok so I edited my original post by which time you had already replied. What I am really wondering is if I can configure live, record, S3 playback in one module i.e. could vods3 app.xml simply be set to liverecord etc?


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    You can dynamically change an application instance's StreamType per connection by doing"setStreamType", null, streamType) from a Flash application, and there is a server-side equivalent in the IClient API.


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    Sounds just the job thanks Richard!

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