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    Is there anyway whatsoever to record to mp4 format using the Wowza Media Server 3 devpay licensing setup? If I record using FP11 to H264 I have the Speex audio issue meaning I have to transcode = further license payment. Most methods I look at filtering through the examples seem to throw some sort of incompatibility issue with mp4?

    What would you say are the best articles/examples for (a) publishing a stream to mp4 format (b) recording a stream to mp4 whether from the client or using the LiveStreamRecord?



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    Take a look at this article:


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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks and thats an article I worked through thank you. However, it appears to only run on (a) a 64 bit ec2 instance and (b) requires further payment to enable the Transcoder i.e. additional license fee. This is unless I am missing something here?

    I am trying to ascertain the financial overheads further to the monthly wowza ec2 costs required to be paid to publish to mp4?

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    VLC might work:

    But I'm not sure if VLC supports Speex.


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