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Thread: Transcoder is not running

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    Default Transcoder is not running


    I have the Windows Server 2008 64 bits with JAVA_HOME configured. Its installed the JDK7 64 bits and the JRE 64 and 32 bits. Also have the .dot net framework 3.51 and the desktop experience.

    When I start the Wowza the log is:
    LiveStreamTranscoder.isTranscoderAvailable: Transcoder is not available for your platform: platform:win architecture:32

    What is wrong?

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    Can you post the output of your Wowza logs/console from just after you start Wowza?

    Also make sure Wowza is not being run with the 32-bit JRE. See this thread:

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    The Wowza Transcode requires you run on a 64-bit OS with a 64-bit Java VM. The error message indicates that the either the Java VM or OS are 32-bit. Be sure you update both to 64-bits.


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    Hi guys,

    The variable JAVA_HOME was indicated to the Java 32 bits folder. I changed to Java 64 bits and now works well. Thanks for the help.

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