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Thread: StreamManager - playlist with videos in differnt sizes

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    Default StreamManager - playlist with videos in differnt sizes


    I'm using the StreamManager class and switching between videos (all h264/aac).
    When I view the stream in flash player it works as expected.
    However when using the rtsp link in VLC player it switches between the streams correctly only when the size is the same.
    When the size of the video is different (some videos have a different width and height) it shows a distorted picture and never recovers.
    If I reload the stream again it plays correctly until it transitions again to a different size video.

    What can I do to solve this? We want to give the url for the stream to 3rd party companies which will stream are videos not in flash?

    BTW, when watching ios http link the transitions are fine as well. - is this an rtsp problem only?


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    There is probably nothing you can do in Wowza. It is a player issue. Flash and other players can also have switching problems when certain changes occur, e.g. changes in video or audio codec, or from video+audio to video only. For best results across clients you should switch between streams that are as close to identical as possible.


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