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    Default dynamic load balancing questions


    I have two Wowza licenses and two Amazon EC2 Wowza AMI instances.
    Lets call server 1 - wowza1, and server 2 - wowza2.

    I configured wowza1 to be origin and named the app 'liveorigin' and wowza2 to be edge and named the app 'liveedge'.
    I was able to get encode to the origin and stream from the edge url.

    I then added Load Balance Listener to wowza1 (origin) and added a Load Balance Sender to wowza2(edge).
    Everything works, I was able to get the severInfoXML from the load balancer.

    I follow the instructions for 'Get least loaded server using Netconnection redirect' and created a app named 'redirect' in the loadbalancer.
    For the attributes:

    The [application-name] should be 'liveedge' or 'redirect' in my situation?

    I put 'redirect' and when I run the example client, it would not connect. However if I put 'liveedge', it would connect.

    My other question is, in load balancing do clients connect to the 'liveorigin' app? or the 'redirect' app? or the 'liveedge' app? for the load balance to work?

    Without Load balance it is:
    encode to origin -> re streams to edge -> client streams from edge

    With Load Balance it is:
    origin -> edge
    Listener -> Sender

    Where would the client be in this example?

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    My post has changed since. Can anyone be of guidance? Thanks.

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    I mis-read and deleted my previous response.

    It should be "redirect", the application you create for that. Make sure you set up Liverepeater and test that first, then carefully setup the Load Balancer Listener and a Load Balancer Sender on each edge. The instructions are complete and easy enough to follow if you go slow.


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    So to clarify, The [application-name] should be the edge application, in my case 'liveedge'. And Once the live repeater and load balancing is in place, the client or users, would still connect using the edge URL and the load balancing will take effect?

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    There are two ways to use the loadbalancer. From the loadbalancer Readme:

    1. "Get least loaded server using http" This will return the IP of the least loaded server. You would use your webserver to query this HTTP provider to get the least loaded IP, then you would append the application name on that least loaded server IP, which is then given to the client. In your case the edge app name would probably be "liveedge" which would then re-stream the live stream from the Origin.

    2. "Get least loaded server using Netconnection redirect" This method uses Flash and can be setup on a per application basis. So you can setup an application called "redirect" on the origin. (or redirect1, redirect2, etc.) And in the Application.xml on that origin app, you specify the name of the application to redirect to on the edge. In your case it would be "liveedge". With the given flash example, redirect.fla, the client will connect to the redirect application on the origin, and then be redirected to the least loaded edge server. This assumes you have two edges with the application "liveedge". Commercial flash players such as JWPlayer and Flowplayer are setup to use this method.

    Does that make sense?

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