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Thread: onMetaData not sending to client from wowza 3

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    Default onMetaData not sending to client from wowza 3

    All of our recorded FLVs that we try to stream from Wowza to the flash player are not sending us the onMetaData event. I have opened several of the FLVs in FLV Player on my desktop which reports the meta data correctly and I have also ran the videos thru my FLV parser class I wrote and I see the meta data in there (duration, audio/video codecids, etc.). Is there some additional logging I can turn on in Wowza that will provide some insight about what is going on here?

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    How were the FLV's recorded?
    The onmetadata function may not be triggered depending on how the data is contained in the FLV...
    As duration, audio/video codecs information is not an on metadata event (I don't think)


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