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Thread: Strange error message.. RTPPacketizerMPEG4AAC.RTPPacketizerMPEG4LATM

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    Unhappy Strange error message.. RTPPacketizerMPEG4AAC.RTPPacketizerMPEG4LATM

    Hello everyone,

    I recently installed Wowza for an IPTV project, and the way it works is Wowza basically re-streams the live streams coming from our encoder overseas (UDP in > RTSP out) to our customers via their Set Top Boxes.

    So far I have got everything to work properly, but I am having some hiccups..

    1. When I restart Wowza it works great and all the streams work for few minutes and then I start getting this error message "RTPPacketizerMPEG4AAC.RTPPacketizerMPEG4LATM: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:"

    2. I also keep seeing the following every few minutes:
    CupertinoPacketHandler.handlePacket[live/_definst_/]: Timecode out of order [video]: 43028919:43028937
    LiveStreamPacketizerSmoothStreaming.handlePacket[live/_definst_/]: Timecode out of order [video]: 430289190000:430289370000
    LiveStreamPacketizerSmoothStreaming.handlePacket[live/_definst_/]: Timecode out of order [video]: 429331640000:429331760000
    SanJosePacketHandler.handlePacket[live/_definst_/]: Timecode out of order [video]: 42933164:42933176

    I am really stuck guys and I have a deadline to meet in a few days, so any help is greatly appreciated..
    I even tried to find a payed service provider to help me, but I failed to find someone reliable that is able to help on time.


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    This seems to be pointing to the packets coming to Wowza, I think they are ether not in the correct order or Wowza isn't getting enough data.


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