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Thread: rtsp restream with microphone

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    First of all, sorry for my bad english.
    I want to re-stream a rtsp stream which has no audio channel. I can do simply re-stream that, but i want to adding audio channel for this stream. The audio source would be a microphone, which is connect to a wowza server. How can i do that? I tried google, but dont find anything usefull.

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    If your client is Flash/RTMP, you could just play two streams for them. One for the video with your RTSP source, and one that is just audio with your microphone as the source. You would use a program like VLC or ffmpeg to access your microphone source and send an RTP/RTSP stream to Wowza, which you would then restream as RTMP to the client.

    If you actually want to mix the two streams into one, it may be possible to do this with a tool such as VLC, ffmpeg, etc.. You would want to ask about that on those programs' support forums, or look in the documentation. I don't know of a way to do this with Wowza.
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    You would need to write a custom module to add the audio stream to your RTSP stream.
    This can be done by an independent consultant if you need help with this.
    Independent consultants list can be obtained by email, send a request for this to


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    Or you could just use an ffmpeg one-liner. Something like:
    ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -i video.avi -acodec copy -vcodec copy output.avi

    Of course you would set your inputs accordingly and output a stream to wowza. More examples here:

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