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Thread: Stream to IOS and Android with one RTMP stream

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    Default Stream to IOS and Android with one RTMP stream


    I am using to stream live stream to IOS with Wowza server 3.
    It's working great for IOS (IPAD and IPHONE) !

    I send my stream to the server with RTMP via FMLE

    I know that Wowza can allow us to stream the RTMP flow for android and Blackberry devices (via RTSP?)

    I need to find a compatible stream configuration settings on FMLE to stream one RTMP live stream to the server and have the capabilities to play this stream on :

    - Iphone
    - IPAD
    - Android
    - Blackberry

    Can you advice a video/audio settings on FMLE to allow us a compatibility on all that devices ?

    Thanks for your help

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    This mobile troubleshooting guide covers the RTSP mobile aspect and general encoding rules
    for mobile streaming:

    To cover the most devices it's best to stick to baseline with a low level, or rather the lowest common denominator for
    all your devices. So start with baseline level 3.0. You'll need to do some experimentation to ensure you cover all the devices
    you want to support. You'll probably need multiple streams to cover everything you want.

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