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Thread: Windows vs Linux - concurrent connection capacity

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    Question Windows vs Linux - concurrent connection capacity


    We have configured a windows and Linux box for wowza streaming, it has come to notice that the wowza for Windows supports 325 concurrent streaming connections while the Linux box supports 1000. The VMs are identical except for the OS. Is there any thing we can do to increase the connection size on Windows Wowza server?

    Your help will be highly appreciated.


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    You can run Windows Server 2008 without the GUI, which is recommended. Otherwise, try to remove as many background processes/services as possible.

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    Is it your logs that say you have 1000 concurrent connections or have you observed this though other software?,

    If you are using the same technique to view concurrent connections for both boxes, they have the same connection speed and other processes aren't running in one box but not the other, then they should be similar.

    Are both boxes tuned, you can find a tuning guide here,

    Is this the case?

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