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Thread: Adding/stopping/starting streams from the shell

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    Default Adding/stopping/starting streams from the shell

    Hi there,

    just started using Wowza and still using the trial. So far, it seems exactly on the money what we need it for, but I have a couple of questions. Given there's a limited time to get comfortable with the trial, I'd love to spend the time to become a guru, but I need to get to the important stuff quickly to see if it's worth taking on. Ok... that's out of the way...

    Is there a way to start and stop streams from the shell? The reason I ask is we have an application that we wish to utilise PHP to start and stop streams, and I was hoping there was a way we could use PHP to control the server from the shell.

    It is linked to an ffmpeg transcoding process, and right now I can start and stop this via the shell (via PHP) and would like to integrate the whole pipeline. Oh.. using Ubuntu 10.04. Wowza 3.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards


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    Hi Ian,

    Consider getting the developer license for testing. It lasts 6 months (as of this writing).

    Here's an example of interfacing with Wowza from the command line:

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