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Thread: Migration from FMS3.5 recordings do not play back synchronized

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    Default Migration from FMS3.5 recordings do not play back synchronized

    Hello Wozwa community,

    A client of mine migrates part of their services from FMS3.5 to the latest Wozwa server for it's feature set.
    They do server-side recording and have build a up a large archive of video registrations. The client flatten's the F4V/MP4 recordings using the F4VPP tool from adobe.
    They play fine via FMS and also as a file on my Mac.

    When delivering these files through Wozwa's VOD service, audio and video is not synchronized. The effect is less apparent when keyframes of the recorded H.264 streams are closer together, but still very noticeable.

    Is this a common problem?
    What can be done about this?

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    It is an issue with the live encoder actually. It is evident is some players and not others because some are able to adjust and others can't. Take a look at this Property setting for debugging this issue:

    An update to the encoder might be the solution


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