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Thread: Transcoder add-on and load balancing/origin/edge

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    Default Transcoder add-on and load balancing/origin/edge

    My application requires that I have one Wowza instance that will receive incoming streams and repeat those streams to edge instances. This is not an issue; I've done load balancing and origin/edge installations a couple of times before with no problems.

    My question is this: I will also need to make use of the Transcoder add-on to do on-the-fly transrating. I am assuming that only the origin/load balancing master needs to run the Transcoder, and the edge machines will suck the appropriate stream from the origin. Is this correct, or do the edge instances also have to run the Transcoder add-on?

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    That is right. The edge servers don't know about the Transcoder, there will just be streams available to pull from the origin


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    Excellent. Thanks for the speedy answer.

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