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Thread: How to Get Next Video on Live Stream Video Playlist?

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    Post How to Get Next Video on Live Stream Video Playlist?

    Hello Fellows

    I need to know if there is a way to get information about the next video on a live stream video playlist. I'm streaming with HLS for iOS and RTSP for another operational system.

    I would use this to show for a end user infos about scheduled videos , like a cable TV

    If I do not clear with my question, you can ask to me and I will clarify a little bit better.


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    What kind of playlist, using Stream class like the scheduler example? If so, it should be possible in iOS, but RTSP is not supported. First, take a look at IStreamActionNotify interface onPlaylistItemStart handler. It is at the bottom of the example:

    Then you will would have to adapt the 2nd example in this article:

    This would be a bit of work. The live id3 example is integrated with live stream. It seems like you could adapt for your case, but I have not dug into it myself.


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