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Thread: moving from EC2 - what are my options?

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    Default moving from EC2 - what are my options?


    I'v been using the EC2 Wowza service for some time. Most of my users are located in Israel and the closest I can place the wowza instance is in Europe which still results in considerable audio/video delays for some users. Therefore, I've decided to place my wowza streaming server in Israel which should help with cutting the delays.

    Since Amazon do not have a site in Israel I plan to stop the EC2 instance and instead host a windows server in Israel and install wowza on it independently.

    My questions:

    1. When I went to check the cost of a wowza license (per month) I found that there is a different cost for Server/Transcoder/nDVR/DRM. My understanding is that in order to get a similar usability to what I got from my EC2 instance I only need a license to a server instance (55$/month) and none of the others. Can you please confirm that?

    2. I'm open to other ideas how I can have a wowza server in Israel or nearby if you have any (maybe you work with other cloud providers who do have a site in the area??)

    Kind regards,

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    The answers to these questions are on this page:

    Scroll about half way down, look under the Wowza 3 Monthly Edition, click "Other Important Details and FAQ"


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    Hi Richard,

    I'm sorry but I still require clarification. I read the "Other Important Details and FAQ" before my post.

    I'll try to be more explicit in my question:

    I'm trying to figure out the license pricing of an IDENTICAL USABILITY as per one instance of EC2.
    It is correct to say that Transcoder/nDVR/DRM are not used by my EC2 instance, simply because these are not available with Amazon?

    If the answer to this question is positive then I know I only require a server instance license to achieve the same usability as the EC2 instance.
    If the answer is negative then I need to understand what exactly do I use with EC2 to work out the monthly cost for wowza without EC2.


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