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Thread: Shoutcast-wowza: Which server records the bandwidth?

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    Default Shoutcast-wowza: Which server records the bandwidth?

    Assume two servers for audio streaming: one for shoutcast and one for wowza. Shoutcast will take the encoded stream and wowza relays to user connections. In other words:

    encoder > shoutcast > wowza > listener

    1. My understanding is that all streams will cascade back to the shoutcast server. In other words, for statistic purposes, I need only monitor the shoutcast connections to know the numbers of total listeners. Is this correct?

    2. Assuming "1" is correct, when setting up a streaming system should I therefore concentrate my bandwidth and data transfer limits towards the shoutcast server?

    3. Or, in other words, given this assumed setup above, where does the bandwidth and data transfer peak?

    Hope this makes sense.

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    No, because Wowza is re-streaming. If 100 clients connect to Wowza and play the stream the Shoutcast server should only see one connection from Wowza. Wowza will handle the 100 connections.


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