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Thread: unrecognized problem, ask the server diagnostics, yet I have no answer

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    Thumbs down unrecognized problem, ask the server diagnostics, yet I have no answer

    Good day, personally I have a problem with a fairly large server. I meet all the technical parameters given by Wowza for the job.
    I only do one simple thing.
    1 .- We mp4 video servers with a recognition system for video and VOD playback
    2 .- Streaming LIVE "broadcast live" but it turns out the Wowza transmissions hangs and can not do it.
    To find out for sure the server is already reloaded the OS and all the same. But change of server solution for auction is SoftLayer and actual diagnostic engineers need to make it because the server is doing well, has no overhead or anything like that. Wowza asked me to please them and make a diagnosis anything.
    I write in English about the problem, take examples menda etc, etc the problem. I'm not saying give me support, I'm asking to make the diagnoses with everything they know because they are software developers. Tired already told them to take the server and tell me a software or hardware problem. But apparently it does not understand me or not involved with the problem of this type, the worse it seems not interested. Since only send link on how to install. For even I told God I do not need classes. I'm not a beginner in the field.
    I understand that they would be most interested to see the problem and at least tell me. The software is fine and your server. But after analysis. JUST NEED THAT.
    If some who know all this almost a regular share and communicate fluently, imagine as it can be if one were a beginner.

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    For best results try to provide a detailed description of the issue. You will have to do some investigation yourself, and you will have to answer questions from support. You can't just say "It doesn't work, here's my login, please fix it." Again, what error messages do you see in [Wowza-Install-Directory]/logs/wowzamediaserver_error.log?

    See here for guidelines on submitting a support request:

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    because I have an open case. can set the ticket # 20445 and send all the details requested. is an internal problem, the server need a diagnosis as we are not safe even at 100%. not that I do not know how to use things.
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