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Thread: nDVR not working with Smooth Streaming

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    Default nDVR not working with Smooth Streaming


    I'm trying to play a "DVR-ed" stream using an Expression Encoder template. I have an edge/origin conf where the origin WMS is in charge of the transcoding; i'm able to play it in any iOS device.
    The problem i'm facing is that audio and video are out of sync, and when i seek back in the live stream (using a 3 h window), audio stops and video fps decrease substantially.

    Doing some packet capture, i can see that the client requests audio chunks with start times far away from those of the video chunks. Is this expected behaviour?

    Thanks in advance!,

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    The client behavior sounds a little odd to me, but its possible. I don't know what client you are using.

    Do you see anything suspicious in the logs during the recording?

    My initial reaction is there is some strange encoding going on.

    Does this occur when playing back the DVR-ed stream after recording has stopped? I ask because you could send us the zipped up recording in the dvr/ folder and we could see if we can reproduce here.

    The more we can narrow and isolate the problem the better.
    - Is it reproducible in a 15 minute recording?
    - Does it happen only with one specific stream or all transcoded/DVR-ed streams
    -Does it happen in adaptive bitrate or single stream or both?

    I think this would best be handled via a support ticket so we can look at logs, config, dvr recording.

    Would you send to with the above and reference this thread, please.


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