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    Default Load Test Tool Problems

    I am attempting to use the Load Test Tool to test a simple connection using mostly default parameters. I have Wowza 3.0.3 running in Linux on my server PC and Wowza 3.0.3 and the Load Test tool on a Linux client PC. I set the test tool to simulate 100 connections and it appears to do exactly that with the indication "Status running:100 currBehind:0".

    This seems reasonable except that I only have a 10 client evaluation license, plus I pulled the network cable. My question is: what is this test tool actually doing. Why does it still indicate that 100 clients are running and none are falling behind.

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    I obtained an unlimited license for the server, but not the client. Pconsole reports back that the 400 requested client connections were granted, but the test tool still reports "Status running:400 currBehind:0" even if the network cable is pulled.

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    Use the unlimited license on the server you are testing, and use developer license to run one or more clients, instances of Wowza that generate the load, create the connections and stream from the Wowza server you are testing.


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    I'm getting the same results. I have the server with an unlimited eval license on a Linux Ubuntu box. I have 4 other Ubuntu boxes with the developer license and load tool installed. I was running 300 connections from the load tool to the unlimited server. I used ctrl+c to kill the load test, yet 10 minutes later I'm still showing those 300 connections on my connectionscounts page. What gives?? As MGHoneyman stated above he went as far as yanking the network cable and it's still showing the connections present. Is anything really being tested here or are we just putting up numbers to look good? Is there a 'proper' way to discontinue the load test without having to reboot all the systems involved and have the connectioncounts page report the proper number of connections?

    p.s. Please be detailed in any tech support response. Nothing is more frustrating then only having forums for support and getting half baked answers.
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