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Thread: UDP MPEG-TS (no RTP) logging packetloss [StreamType=live]

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    Default UDP MPEG-TS (no RTP) logging packetloss [StreamType=live]

    Hello All,
    Is there a way to log packetloss on a UDP MPEG-TS (no RTP) [StreamType=live]? The stream plays great just looking to see if any packets are lost.

    If i enable logging as in is get packetloss logged (lots of it) and the stream doesn't play well. So enabling it is causing issues.

    I believe this is the same issues that was seem in this post.


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    If you add forceInterleaved Property to stream over TCP, I think the jitter buffer will log packet loss without trying to re-arrange packets as it does when streaming over UDP. Add the Property to Application.xml /MediaCaster /Properties


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    Thanks Richard, but it was the same result after adding the forceInterLeaved property. Any other ideas?

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