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Thread: Need help in Live streaming setup!

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    Default Need help in Live streaming setup!


    We are planning to provide live streaming of 10 channels and here are the few details:

    All 10 sources are pushed from 10 encoders in RTMP format with H.264/AAC at 3 bit rates (1.5mbps, 800kbps, 450kbps).

    Wowza is installed on c1.xlarge - Windows 2008 R2.

    We are planning for Apple HLS streaming, Silverlight smooth streaming and Flash HDS streaming for each channel to support max number of devices.


    1. Is one instance of c1.xlarge sufficient to host 10 channels (each channel @ 3 bit rates)? When I tried with single channel, we came across some buffering issues.

    2. Do we need to consider Hi-CPU instance OR Hi-Memory EC2 instance (c1.xlarge vs m1.xlarge)?

    3. If we want to create edge servers/re-peaters, which instance type is sufficient and what config is best (hosting all channels on repeater OR few channels on one repeater and other channels on another repeater)?

    4. If we host all 10 channels on c1.xlarge (origin wowza server), is it possible to use it for few client connections, instead of edge servers?

    5. What settings we need to do to reduce latency from encoder to wowza and then wowza to client?

    6. Is it a good option to send single bitrate from encoder and then transcode that into multiple bit rate on Wowza origin server? So that, we can apply water marks etc.,

    7. What are the good RTMP encoders, which supports water marking? As we need 10+ encoders, we are looking for best price.

    8. Apart from maintaining our own EC2 origin & edge servers, what are the other best options to reduce the cost? We are expecting around 500 users/day, each user @ 3 hours of streaming and minimum of 100 concurrent users at any time.

    9. Do we have any GUI component/custom solution to see the logs/usage stats/stream status on Wowza server? We are using Windows and we do not have much knowledge on Java.

    Thank you for your time!

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    1.) The buffering issue could be a source problem (probably not sending data fast enough to view it).

    It would make your job easier if you got Wowza to transcode the channels for you as this will make 10 input channels but 30 if you didn't use Wowza to transcode.

    3/6/8.) In my opinion you will need a minimum of 6 wowza boxes.

    The set-up would be:
    Input --> Box1 - 3 channels - Transcode @ 3 bitrates --> Edge1+2 --> Clients
    Input --> Box2 - 3 channels - Transcode @ 3 bitrates -----^
    Input --> Box3 - 2 channels - Transcode @ 3 bitrates --> Edge3+4 --> Clients
    Input --> Box4 - 2 channels - Transcode @ 3 bitrates -----^

    4.) Transcoding is a high CPU process and one box simply can't transcode 10 channels, I also wouldn't allow clients near the source because if that is over used and goes down you loose everything that was being transcoded on that box.

    5.) info can be found here,

    7.) I'm afraid this will have to be your choice, I would do some research on this before buying.

    9.) There are currently no GUI's that I am aware of at the moment.

    I personally don't know much about Amazon EC2 systems and will let someone else answer the questions related to those parts.


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    Thank you so much for your point to point reply. I didn't noticed your reply as I didn't get any notification from the sorry. I am really sorry!

    As you mentioned, we are planning for EC2 servers for transcoding and Edge servers. But, we are stuck with the selection of encoders. We may select Telestream Wirecast as it has good features. But, little concerned about the price as we need to install on 10+ systems. Do you know any economic solutions?

    The encoder should support both multiple bitrate and watermark. Please let me know, if you have any suggestions!

    Thank you

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    I'm afraid I can't really help you in the selection of encoder and there are so many even if I had a favourite I may not be the best for your needs.

    You will have to do some research to find the best ones in the price range that you have.
    I can however recommend that you use an RTMP based encoder.


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