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Thread: Can't develop videochat apps in wowza v3! Killing developers!

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    Default Can't develop videochat apps in wowza v3! Killing developers!

    I'm happy for wowza's success so far but it looks like they're trying to leave developers out cold. We're currently evaluating upgrading to wowza server v3 but unlike their previous developer license which allowed for up to 10 connections of any type, version 3 restricts this to only 1 stream in and up to 9 streams out for live streaming. This totally kills any video chat-related development since video chats require at least 2 streams in and 2 streams out.

    To the wowza team: seriously??

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    Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate and value our development community. We realize that this is a limitation and working on resolving this issue. The limit of 1 incoming live stream is there for a different reason, not too disallow chat development. A short term alternative for testing is our free Trial license that doesn't have any connection limitations for the server or premium AddOns. I will contact you off forums with an alternative.


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