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Thread: Generate HTTP Live Streaming continuously?

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    Default Generate HTTP Live Streaming continuously?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a project work that have to receive HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) continuosly without any gap;
    during past weeks,I refered WowZa tutorial to publish a HLS successfully and receive on Linux client system normally(HLS player). But I still have a problem is that the video source is a sample video(10 minutes) that repeatedly from VLC player stream out, when VLC plays to the end of the stream ,the client (HLS receiver) will crash!!!Thus, HLS client only receive video once(10 minutes).
    So ,does anyone have idea to publish a HLS in WowZa without any gap??
    Thank you.

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    You can use this scheduler to generate a live stream from static file, and you can set it to repeat indefinitely:


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