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Thread: Transcoder AddOn when Wowza running as service

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    Default Transcoder AddOn when Wowza running as service

    From Wowza 3.0 user guide (page 17)

    NOTE: The hardware acceleration (nVIDIAŽ CUDAŽ and IntelŽ Quick SyncTM) used by the Wowza Transcoder is only available when running Wowza Media Server 3 as a standalone application. The hardware acceleration will not be available when Wowza Media Server 3 is invoked as a service.

    Can somebody confirm that this is true? There's no mention about it in Transcoder AddOn user guide. Does even transrating work?
    How about nDVR AddOn? Will it work when Wowza runs as service? I would like to know these things to be sure how things really work before purchasing the AddOns.

    I think this is weird. Who would run Wowza as standalone application in production? Standalone is ment for testing what comes to my knowlegde, right?

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    The hardware acceleration not being invoked when running Wowza Media Server 3 as a service is due to the way Windows OS gives access to the hardware drivers. As a workaround, take a look at Windows service workaround to enable Wowza Transcoder CUDA & Quick Sync hardware acceleration. This applies to both transcoding and transrating and yes, typically you'd run as a service in a production environment which is why we've provided this workaround.

    Accelerated hardware support is specific to Wowza Transcoder so Wowza nDVR does not have this situation.


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