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Thread: Problem starting lickey instance - http://169.254.169.

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    Default Problem starting lickey instance - http://169.254.169.

    I'm working with a acquaintance who is trying to get started with Wowza on EC2. He has paid for a Daily license and has launched an instance based on ami-6543970c. I've got his "live" application configured, but can't connect to his instance with my encoder. Checking the Wowza error logs shows:

    ERROR server comment 2012-01-13 16:08:14 - - - -- 1.867 - - - - - - - - HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray:

    Looking at verifies that there is NOT an entry for product-codes.

    What is likely the problem here? Is it, as I suspect, probably a licensing thing?

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    It is not a problem, you can ignore


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