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    Default dynamic content VOD

    just curious that if we can control the video content on demand?

    what I mean is that .. based on certain criteria, the play content can dynamically change by using the same URL.

    say a single HLS address stream out two different ending based on different user criteria. What i looking for is a smooth transition ..while split out the ending.

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    I don't know a way to do this for video on demand. You can create a server-side playlist at the start of the stream, as in the midroll example, but not dynamically.

    You can do this kind of thing with the Stream class, which can use static content as a source, but that is live stream not vod


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    In fact , our final objective is for live, vod is for our poc, si, do you mean that I can modify the stream class for ingest static content on the fly for specific user?

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