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Thread: cheapest way to provide only on-demand files from s3

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    Default cheapest way to provide only on-demand files from s3

    Once a live stream is over, we want to copy the file to s3, and provide that file for a specified time frame for on-demand playback, and then shut down the ec2 server that was used for the live event. But have a separate running ec2 instance just for accessing recordings in s3.

    Does the instance size matter for this ec2 instance when accessing content on s3?

    So can I use a "micro" or "small instance" for accessing s3 content no matter how much traffic is playing s3 content?

    Or does my ec2 instance need to support this traffic too?

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    I think m1-small is the smallest supported instance type using devpay or lickey licenses. We don't recommend using the micro.

    Also take a look at:


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