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Thread: unable to getHTTPStreamerSession from stream obj in IMediaReaderActionNotify

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    Default unable to getHTTPStreamerSession from stream obj in IMediaReaderActionNotify


    In IMediaReaderActionNotify handler I'm trying to call stream.getHTTPStreamerSession(), but it returns null.
    I tried different other ways but no luck.
    stream.getClientId() returns -1 (of course! because it is http streaming).
    I cannot find a way how to understand what HTTP Session does IMediaReader belong to.

    Can you suggest me the way or fix the issue?

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    It is most likely too early in the process to get this information. I believe there is not a way to do this.


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    Thank you for reply, Charlie..
    but I think that it is technically easy to fix the problem because nothing "too early" is observed.
    onHTTPSessionCreate handler is called before onMediaReaderInit (with stream param).
    onMediaReaderOpen is called later (here I need to get the http session).
    So, it should be many moments to init the stream to point to http session object.
    Or at least add that info to mediaReader object.

    for now I use dirty hack with aliasing the stream by adding extra information to file location and then removing it in custom RandomAccessReader that extends traditional DirectRandomAccessReader.
    Isn't that an ugly dirty hack way?..

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