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Thread: Replace mono audio with stereo from another stream?

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    Default Replace mono audio with stereo from another stream?


    Our webcam website displays an H264 stream that is relayed from a Axis Q1755 camera:

    Currently no processing takes place, so the stream (1.5 Mbps at times) is 'too much' for some mobile devices, either because of processing, or bandwidth.
    So I'm happy that v3 has a Transcoder addon, which we are planning to use.

    I have a question about the Addon.
    The rtsp stream currently has one audio channel, and there is no way of changing that.
    I could however set up a stereo audio stream on a separate computer.

    Would the transcoding Addon be able to replace the single audio channel and replace it with the dual channel from another stream?


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    There is not a way to do that as far as I know


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